Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Get Paid To Search

What is get paid 2 search program?

Get paid 2 search program allows users to make money by promoting their AdSense for Search account on Google.
Every member that searches with Get paid 2 search program is redirected to a search results page with a randomly selected AdSense ID from their members database. Using this method, members' searches are spread among the entire Get paid 2 search network, thus generating traffic and potential revenue to each member.

Although the AdSense ID for each search is randomly chosen, users can increase the chances of their ID being selected by referring friends to the network and using their search actively.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007


What is myLot?

myLot is a unique and fun online community filled with members from all over the world discussing topics of everyday life. myLot is a place where members can discuss whatever is on their mind. Whether you want to discuss sports, ask a question on how to find a job, get advice on dating, or just want to talk about what is bothering you, myLot is here for you!

Their Objectives

Their objective is to offer members a place to interact with others and to discuss the many different topics of everyday life in a self-regulated network. When you need an answer to a question, advice from an un-biased source, or just someone to talk to, myLot members are there to help you in a friendly way.

Features and Benefits:


myLot has many outstanding features. The following are just a few:
They disclose only the member’s username and country in which the member currently lives in. They do not disclose any of the member’s personal information; allowing members to remain anonymous to all other users.
They provide each member with myLot Mail; giving the member an opportunity to discuss topics privately with members of their choice. (coming soon!)
Anyone has the ability to read a discussion, but only members can post a new discussion or respond to an existing discussion. This allows myLot to help maintain a controlled and safe environment.
Members have the option to participate in the control and monitoring of what topics are discussed through the abuse reporting system.


Ability to discuss topics with people from all over the world
Safe environment
Self-regulated network
myLot Mail
Ability to search for specific discussion topics.

Join here at this link http://www.mylot.com/?ref=concepcion

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